Konichiwa! Boku no namae wa Kristobal desu! ^^
so this is how it feels… to have only half of a heart… i need you to make me full again
i cant be truly happy, without you by my side…
Our first kiss together…

it’s 8:25pm, December 16, 2009. i was giving giving her second christmas gift. her first gift was a plush dog which was half her size. i pretend to grab something out of my pocket. i hold out a closed hand to her. “here hunn, open it.” she stared at an empty hand and looked confused. then i gently grabed her chin. i tilted her head until our eyes met. closer and closer are lips come together. then, i felt like i was about to shoot up in the sky and explode. finally, our first kiss.

when were together again, i will show you how much i love you. i will let everything out just for you.
this is what i do when your not with me.

this is what i do when your not with me.

woot! i just got a new blanket! SO SOFT!

How the relationship started...
Kris: "how well do you know japanese?"
Sophia: "not much. barely ^^"
Kris: "try guess what this means, 'tsukiate kudasai' "
Sophia: "ii do not know xD"
Kris: " 'will you go out with me?' "
Sophia: "OMG!did you just ask me in japanese?!xDawwwwh, yes!
Sophia Alexandra Sudiacal Carriedo

november 21, 2009. about 10:30 pm. during a bonfire, it started rain. the night became cold and rainy. i ran to the nearest place to hide from the rain. but it i was still so cold. i looked to my right, i began to feel a little warm. that night i fell in love. i fell in love with an angel god had put in front of me. i fell in love with sophia <3.

even though you think your not good enough for me, your enough to fill up my heart.
CFC - Hosanna
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i love it when my girlfriend sings this song